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Carl Tatz Design Chooses Argosy Dual 15-DR800 for Nashville’s New Village East Studio

Back row, from left: Village East owner Bob Bullock and designer Carl Tatz. Front row: Argosy’s David Atkins (left) and Timothy Thompson.

Photo: Corey Walthall; photo courtesy of Clyne Media Inc.

Multi-Platinum, Grammy Award–winning engineer/producer Bob Bullock recently opened his personal mix room in Nashville: Village East. It features a Carl Tatz Design PhantomFocus System monitor tuning protocol, as well as the Argosy Dual 15-DR800 studio workstation. Argosy is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-end technical furniture.

Bullock has engineered and mixed for artists such as Reba McEntire, George Strait, Travis Tritt, and Shania Twain. He sought a personal studio environment that could sonically and aesthetically rival any high-end studio, and called upon personal studio specialist Carl Tatz to design it.

Tatz chose the Argosy Dual 15-DR800 studio workstation to be the room’s centerpiece, hosting Bullock’s control surface, and also to compliment his PhantomFocus System tuning.

“My workstation of choice for engineers working in the box, which may be a majority nowadays, is the Argosy Dual 15 with the 800 rack modules, “ says Tatz. “It has a minimum monitor reflection architecture and handsome silhouette, making it the perfect complement to the PhantomFocus System.” Tatz also employed a new turnkey acoustical treatment system: the new Carl Tatz Signature Series by Auralex , which emulates the design and performance of Tatz’s custom-designed control rooms, as well as Dynaudio Professional M1 reference monitors driven by a Bryston 4B SST2 power amplifier.

“When I design a studio, I choose partners who understand my vision and the standard for design and performance of the PhantomFocus system,” says Tatz. “I use elements [that] are both aesthetically pleasing and high performing. The Argosy Dual 15-DR800 has the slanted back and I love the way it looks; it takes the control room to a serious level in terms of design. And it provides the perfect positioning environment for the sweet spot.

“The PhantomFocus System and all of its manufacturer partner elements made it possible to implement a world-class studio in a bedroom,” adds Tatz. “Bullock’s Village East is a tremendous showcase of what is possible nowadays. The room design is gorgeous, the monitoring is superior, and Bob and his clients can feel confident here knowing that it has the acoustics, monitoring, and vibe of a peerless mix room.”

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