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Digigram AQONDA EtherSound Stage Boxes Are Now Remotely Controllable

Digital and networked audio specialist, Digigram, announces that its class-leading AQONDA EtherSound stage boxes are now remotely controllable via Soundcraft and Studer digital consoles, as well as Innovason and Yamaha.

Digigram AQONDA EtherSound stage box

Building on the success of Digigram’s original EtherSound audio bridges, these “latest generation” devices are capable of converting up to 16 analog signals into as many EtherSound channels and vice versa (extracting EtherSound channel to analog outputs). Furthermore, both AQONDA units (8-in/8-out or 16-in/16-out) offer high-end switchable mic/line inputs, Neutrik connectors and state-of-the-art preamps.

In addition to their remote control capabilities, AQONDA devices are ES-Giga ready (EtherSound 2×256 channel count plus additional network and control capabilities). Features will include support for ES-Giga TCP/IP data tunneling, allowing for remote control of components such as amp control devices, DMX lighting controllers, processors, etc.

According to Digigram’s EtherSound product manager, Joffrey Heyraud, “AQONDA optimizes the latest technological developments to take the product range to the next level. The result is a compact, 2U device that is remotely controllable from a number of different digital control surfaces from several manufacturers and offers future-proof EtherSound technology, thanks to its full compatibility with both ES-100 and upcoming ES-Giga. A simple switch on the back panel determines network choice, ready for the day when ES-Giga setups are widely available. These developments confirm AQONDA as the choice of excellence regarding EtherSound stage boxes, and an ideal partner for live sound or OB applications.”

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