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DPA Microphones Launches 4041-T2 Large Diaphragm Tube Microphone, HMA5000 Two-Channel Mic Amp

DPA Microphones Inc. debuted the new 4041-T2 Large Diaphragm Tube Microphone and the new HMA5000 Two-Channel Hi-Voltage Microphone Amplifier at AES 2004.

DPA Microphones Inc. debuted the new 4041-T2 Large Diaphragm Tube Microphone and the new HMA5000 Two-Channel Hi-Voltage Microphone Amplifier (pictured at left) at AES 2004.

The 4041-T2, the latest entry into DPA’s family of large diaphragm microphones, uses an updated 130-Volt microphone preamplifier module based on the design of the classic MMP4000-T, incorporating a pentode vacuum tube driven as a cathode follower in a class-A unity gain output stage. The sub-miniature vacuum tube is heated by 6 V supplied via the new HMA5000 Hi-Voltage Microphone Amplifier.

The 4041 family of microphones employ the DPA model MMC4041 omnidirectional 1-inch capsule. Says DPA Microphones’ president Bruce Myers, “When low self-noise and high sensitivity are important, such as in the miking of vocals, strings or other acoustic instruments with large dynamics, the DPA large diaphragm microphones are the perfect choice. The solid-state models are chosen when the most transparent and faithful reproduction is demanded, whereas the new tube version add a slight, but wonderful, musical coloration to the recording.”

With a self-noise of 10 dBA and a [email protected] at 120 dBSPL peak, the 4041-T2 has an impressive dynamic range of approximately 110dB. The back plate of the capsule is polarized via the HMA5000 with 200 V, providing sensitivity and SPL handling of up to 144 dB before the onset of clipping. A flat phase design with a frequency response from 10 Hz to 20 kHz and a soft boost of 4 to 6 dB at 8 kHz, the performance attributes of the 4041-T2 matches the characteristics of the legendary 4040 microphone.

The DPA HMA5000 can be used to power DPA’s 4041-T2 Omnidirectional Tube Microphone as well as other high-voltage microphones. By using the HTP4000 adaptor, the HMA5000 can also be used with ordinary 48V phantom powered microphones.

The HMA5000 is a comprehensive microphone power supply unit with 130 V for the high-voltage microphone preamplifiers, 200 V for capsule polarization and 6 V for heater voltage in the 4041-T2 tube mic. One of the main advantages of using a high-voltage mic amplifier rather than a 48V phantom powered version is that it increases resolution and detail and provides an extended dynamic headroom of 10dB more.

“Together with one of our high-voltage microphones, the HMA5000 provides the most serious signal path from sound source directly to track,” continues Myers. “With an outstanding frequency range from 10Hz to 200kHz (+0dB/-1dB) and an extremely wide dynamic range of 140dB, the HMA5000 carries the clean and undistorted microphone pickup through the amplification link without any disturbance – the finest challenge for a mic amp.”

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