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Dynacord Cobra System Amplifies Broward Caribbean Carnival

The annual Broward Caribbean Carnival was held on October 8 (Columbus Day weekend) at Markham Park in Sunrise, Fla. It attracts tens of thousands of revelers from around the globe, featuring dozens of steel bands and mas troupes, along with the world’s top soca, calypso, reggae, zouk and salsa artists. For this year’s festival, Drummer Boy Sound (DBS) of Miami supplied a mobile Dynacord Cobra system.

“This was our debut at a South Florida Carnival event,” says DBS’ Harold Cummings, “and we wanted to make a really strong first impression in front of the 80,000-strong party.” DBS pooled its Cobra-2 and Cobra-4 systems, creating an all-Dynacord rig comprised of 24 Cobra PWH subs, 12 Cobra-2 TOP active two-way line arrays, four Cobra-4 TOP active four-way line arrays and two Cobra-4 FAR boxes.

“We were all set to deliver a dynamic mix with phenomenal punch, with all the equipment stacked neatly on the back of a 48-foot trailer, taking advantage of the Cobra’s unbeatable output to size ratio,” says Cummings. In addition to the massive Cobra rig, the trailer pulsed with activity, with the 300 dancers on and around the float moving to the sounds of the onboard Trinidadian drum band and professional DJs.

“Though there was some serious competition, with 14 other trailers pumping out some serious sound, the Cobra really stood out; we had an edge that was tangible in terms of the crowd response when we rolled by,” Cummings continues. “We were thumping!” The system was powered and processed by dedicated Dynacord Cobra drive racks (a total of eight Dynacord L2400 amplifiers and four Dynacord DSP244 processors) and mixed on a Dynacord CMS1000 console. The Cobra system was the only complete, single brand system heard at the event.

“The Cobra system has really helped our company grow over the past couple of years,” Cummings says, “and there’s a great buzz around the Dynacord brand in this part of the world. In fact, we were referred to our client for this event, Hayden Hart of Florida Electronics, by Jaison O’Connor [of Telex Pro Audio Group reps Sales Force & Associates], who really sees great things for Dynacord’s high-performance, plug-and-play approach to system design in the Caribbean. Sure enough, it went down exceptionally well.”

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