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Harman’s Lexicon Now Offers Digital Streaming For Apple iPad

Following the launch of Apple’s iPad2 and GarageBand for iPad, Harman’s Lexicon announces the Omega Desktop Recording Interface‘s capability for digital streaming and recording to Apple’s iPad. Lexicon’s Omega allows musicians to record directly with any audio recording application, including the newly released GarageBand from Apple. Omega’s audio streaming capability gives users access to an increasing number of recording applications for musicians available from the Apple App Store.

The Omega contains all the necessary components to use an iPad as a 24-bit recording device. For the first time, a user can record, edit, mix and publish high quality audio using an iPad and the Lexicon Omega.

“We immediately recognized the power and relevance of the iPad platform for the recording musician, and were determined to integrate it with the flexibility our recording products,” states Rob Urry, vice president and general manager of Harman Professional Signal Processing Group. “Lexicon brings 40 years of recording experience to musicians and we are the leaders in providing high-definition audio streaming and playback capability with the iPad.”

The Lexicon Omega is designed and built around the same model as large-format recording consoles. An 8-input, 4-bus, 2-output USB I/O mixer with inserts, instrument input, MIDI I/O and complete metering and monitoring functions allows users to record up to four tracks at once and mix without the need for additional mixing hardware.

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