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Holophone Launches H3-D Microphone at NAB 2006

Holophone introduced the H3-D ($1,695) microphone at the NAB convention. Based on the company’s patented H2-PRO, Holophone’s H3-D is a portable 5.1 multichannel surround sound microphone for broadcast, recording and studio applications, as well as growing technology markets such as project studios, education and houses of worship. The H3-D eliminates the need for multiple-microphone surround setups.

Designed to support 5.1 surround-sound recording devices, the H3-D provides 3-D surround audio. It also provides a six-channel discrete microphone manufactured to automatically deliver 5.1 channels with no external mixing or signal manipulation needed. It has a multi-directional pickup pattern with 20-20k Hz frequency response on five perimeter channels and a discrete LFE microphone located inside. The microphone is phantom powered with an LED indicator. Attached to the H3-D is a 15-foot Monster cable that terminates in a 6-pin Neutrik XLR connector. A windscreen and Pistol Grip are optional accessories.

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