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Innovason Eclipse Console Supports Neumann Solution-D Mics

Neumann and Innovason announce that as a result of a collaboration between the two manufacturers, Innovason Eclipse consoles now support Neumann Solution-D digital microphones. All features of Neumann’s Solution-D Series can be edited, saved and recalled within the Eclipse console’s production files and snapshots.

“A continuous digital audio signal path is now available without any compromises,” says Wolfgang Fraissinet, president of marketing/sales at Neumann Berlin, “an idea, which is already a standard in the global media industry. It has been discussed among audio experts since the DAW became the main tool for processing and storage of audio data. The solution of remotely controlled features of our Solution-D series via the GUI of InnovaSon’s new release of the Eclipse mixing console will provide our customers with the appropriate answer to this demand.”

“InnovaSon has always been a synonym for the highest sound quality in a live environment,” says Philipp Lawo, CEO of Lawo AG. “Participating in a project with Neumann, we were immediately attracted to the challenge of once again improving the sound on stage. InnovaSon brings the pure sound of the Solution-D microphones to the integrated recording system M.A.R.S. and leads it through the powerful mixing engine of the Eclipse straight to the FOH or monitoring system.”

“While benefitting from the improved sound of the Solution-D microphones, the sound engineer can forget noise problems due to analog cable-patching, there are no more clipping problems and he has no worries with analog gain sharing,” explains Innovason’s Marcel Babazadeh. “Therefore, gain compensation becomes obsolete and there are fewer problems with feedback because the audio remains in the digital domain from the microphones all the way out to the amplifiers. On top of that, all the settings of a digital microphone will be stored within pages and snapshots of the console.”

The companies state that this integrated digital solution offers lossless transmission without reduction in signal quality, retaining the full dynamic range and fidelity of a high-class Neumann condenser microphone in a fully synchronized audio network. Neumann’s patented non-linear A/D converter technology is said to enrich the mixing console’s signal path. The collaboration also aims for easy operation of the remotely controlled microphones as a result of their high dynamic range in combination with an integrated peak limiter and compressor. It promises no interference or hum problems. Each microphone and console both offer storage of individual settings for gain, pad, polar pattern, low-cut filter, stereo matrixing, phase and limiting.

Neumann also announces that its Solution-D digital microphone was recently recognized as Best Pro Audio Technology of the Year by a committee of international audio experts at the recent PALME show 2010 in the Middle East.

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