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IsoVox IsoPop BroadCast Pop Filter Debuts

IsoVox has introduced the low-profile IsoPop BroadCast Pop Filter, with the aim of providing users with a photogenic mic pop filter.

IsoVox's IsoPop Broadcast Pop Filter.
IsoVox’s IsoPop Broadcast Pop Filter.

Halmstad, Sweden (March 19, 2024)—These days, regardless of whether you’re in the studio, broadcasting or podcasting, there’s always a video production element involved as well. With that in mind, IsoVox has introduced the IsoPop BroadCast Pop Filter, with the aim of providing users with a photogenic microphone pop filter that nonetheless has a low profile in the camera’s eye.

The IsoPop BroadCast was designed in Scandinavia specifically for front-address microphones, bringing a minimalist design ethic to the proceedings. IsoPop BroadCast comes with both a Neutral Pro Filter, said to provide “an ultra-transparent sound,” and a De-Ess Pro Filter, which prevents harsh treble or sibilance, softening the sound for a smoother listening experience. The filters are interchangeable and also cleanable, ensuring hygiene and longevity.

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The pop filter is verified to be compatible with a number of popular models, including Shure’s SM7B, SM7dB and MV7; Sennheiser’s MKH 416; Electro-Voice’s RE20; Røde’s PodMic and ProCaster; Universal Audio’s SD-1; AEA’s KU5A; and PreSonus’ PD-70.

Minimum and maximum microphone-accommodating diameter is ⌀1.9 – 6 cm/⌀0.75 – 2.36”, so any similarly-styled handheld microphone meeting those technical specifications can be comfortably accommodated. The IsoPop BroadCast itself is ⌀7 x 10 cm/⌀2.76 x 3.94”, while weighing in at 1.2 oz.

IsoPop BroadCast is available in Midnight and Silver with a MSRP of$99.00 USD.