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JoeCo Ships First Digital Versions of BlackBox Recorder

JoeCo in Cambridge, UK, announces that the new digital Lightpipe variant of the 24-track BlackBox live recorder (price TBA) is now shipping. The BBR-1A enables capture of multichannel audio from digital mixing consoles that support Lightpipe (Toslink) inputs and outputs.

Users can connect three 8-channel Lightpipe inputs from the console to the recorder, with the signal returned to the console via three Lightpipe outputs. This particular I/O format limits 24-channel recording to either 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz, although it can record 12 channels at higher sample rates using the SMUX2 protocol. However, JoeCo says that the unit still has the complete analog I/O functionality of the unbalanced BBR-1 version for situations where use of a Lightpipe interface is not possible, making the full 96kHz facility available in the analog domain.

The digital Lightpipe variant includes all other standard BlackBox Recorder features, such as virtual soundcheck, disk drive formatting, recording to flash drives and fail-safe features to ensure secure audio capture. Multiple units can also be chained together for projects requiring additional channels.

JoeCo states that the AES/EBU digital BlackBox Recorder variant is scheduled to ship during August.

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