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Line 6 Announces New Apps In Development for MIDI Mobilizer

Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer

Line 6 in Calabasas, Calif., announces new apps for its MIDI Mobilizer ($69.99 street price) MIDI interface for Apple’s iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Coupled with MIDI Memo Recorder, a free app available for download on the Apple App Store, the portable MIDI Mobilizer allows musicians to conveniently play, record, and backup MIDI data. MIDI Mobilizer is compatible with MIDI devices including synthesizers, digital pianos, effects processors, and Line 6 guitar amps and POD products.

Following the announcement earlier this summer of the free MIDI Mobilizer Third Party Developer Program, Line 6 reports that more than 70 app developers around the world are working on new apps that will support MIDI Mobilizer. In addition to MIDI Memo Recorder, other apps available for MIDI Mobilizer include NanoStudio, NLogSynth Pro, NLog MIDI Synth, Music Studio, Pianist Pro, StepPolyArp, MIDI Surface, Little MIDI Machine, MIDI Live, bs-16i, and S1MIDI Trigger.

NanoStudio is a techno-style virtual recording studio with 16 sample trigger pads, a sequencer, sample editor, mixer and 10 FX units. NLog Synth PRO is virtual analog-style synthesizer with 192 factory sounds. Pianist Pro is an 88-key virtual piano.

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