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Line 6 Ships XD-V55 Digital Wireless Mic Systems

Line 6 Inc. in Calabasas, Calif., is now shipping its new XD-V55 digital wireless handheld, lavalier, and headset microphone systems ($629.99 MSRP). Designed for professional vocalists and active performers, XD-V55 systems are available in desktop or rackmount formats, feature 12 channels, a range of 300 feet, a half-rackspace desktop receiver with externally mounted antennas, and a heavy-duty metal chassis, and offer sophisticated microphone modeling technology with a proven fourth-generation digital wireless platform.

Line 6 states that the XD-V55 series digital wireless systems offer 24-bit compander-free performance for full-range audio clarity and license-free operation worldwide. XD-V55 systems all feature 10 to 20k Hz frequency response and dynamic range of up to >117 dB.

XD-V55 systems operate in the 2.4GHz band, which is said to be free from interference due to TV broadcast, public safety announcements, cell phone towers and other transmitting devices. Encoded DCL (Digital Channel Lock) technology prevents reception of any audio interference from other 2.4GHz devices.

XD-V55 handheld systems feature a selection of four models of popular wired vocal microphones. Using this sonic palette, vocalists can choose a microphone sound to match their voice and style of performance. For active spoken-word performers, instrumentalists or singers who require a hands-free solution, XD-V55 bodypack systems offer selectable EQ filter models, tailored for a wide range of vocal and instrumental applications.

To operate XD-V55 series digital wireless systems, users choose a channel on the transmitter and receiver, which lock together automatically, eliminating the need for RF tuning or intermodulation calculators.

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