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Merging Technologies Releases Pyramix Version 5.1

Merging Technologies announces Pyramix Version 5.1, a software upgrade for its professional Windows-based DAW platform. The new version includes support for Merging’s new Mykerinos MYK-X-series PCI Express cards, allowing users running Pyramix systems based around those DSP cards to record more simultaneous tracks of audio while playing back others.

With new software and hardware, Pyramix can now record PCM audio at sample rates from 44.1 to 384 kHz and 1-bit DSD audio at 2.82 MHz. Version 5.1 also improves the quality of the conversion to and from 1-bit DSD to multi-bit DXD audio at 24-bit/384kHz. Card monitoring facilities are built into the new software revision, allowing users to keep track of a variety of parameters associated with the Mykerinos cards loaded in the system, including board temperature, output voltage and DSP load.

Merging states that the new software release provides a faster response in its Isis Remote control communication. It also offers new features designed to improve compatibility and file interchange with other digital recording systems old and new, and to improve the handling of metadata associated with CD creation. Pyramix already supports the OMF and AAF interchange formats and adds Final Cut Pro XML import and export facilities for importing Apple’s Final Cut Projects. Pyramix can also directly create CDs from DDP (Disc Description Protocol) master files, and a new Sony PCM-1630 option can read audio information and PQcode metadata from CD master tapes made with Sony’s now-superseded PCM-1630 recorders. The information may be imported via SDIF or AES digital connections, and a Pyramix CD disc image in PMI format can be automatically generated from the PCM-1630 data.

CD barcode compatibility has also been improved, with facilities now onboard to include UPC/EAN barcode information in CD disc images created on Pyramix, complete with barcode verification facilities. Pyramix has also implemented the Unicode text standard so that text-based information written into files with Pyramix are compatible with platforms based on other languages.

Finally, Merging’s release of Pyramix V. 5.1 software coincides with its release of Purenotes, a broadband noise removal plug-in.

Version 5.1 is available for free to registered users of Version 5.0 at