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Metric Halo Hardware Now Supports Pro Tools 9

Metric Halo announces that its entire line of audio interfaces is compatible with Avid’s Pro Tools 9 software platform. Metric Halo’s ConsoleConnect software provides direct access to Metric Halo’s MIO Console from within Pro Tools, allowing users to control the Metric Halo hardware, mixer, plug-ins and monitor controller without leaving the Pro Tools environment. ConsoleConnect also stores and recalls a complete hardware configuration state with the Pro Tools session.

“Of course, Metric Halo was ready for Pro Tools 9 on day one,” says Allen Rowand, Metric Halo’s field operative. “All of our products feature fully supported low-latency Core Audio drivers and an RTAS version of the unique ConsoleConnect plug-in.

“We have developed a set of easy-to-use resources that will get you up and running with Pro Tools 9 and Metric Halo quickly,” Rowand adds. “By using the tips in these tutorials and this tech note, you can maximize your workflow and fully harness the power of your Metric Halo interface.”

Metric Halo offers two tutorial videos that address Pro Tools 9:

Using MIO Console with Pro Tools 9, Part 1

Using MIO Console with Pro Tools 9, Part 2

It also offers a “Tech Note” written by Rowand that addresses Using Metric Halo Interfaces with Pro Tools 9.

For more information about Metric Halo’s audio interfaces, visit