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NAMM: MSR SP220, SP502 Kits

MSR Inc. has introduced two new entry-level acoustical treatment kits. The new SP220 kit will have a MAP of $799, and will include two each of the company’s high-performance absorber and diffuser panels (four total). MSR also announced its new SP502 kit, which is geared for small- to medium-sized studios. The SP502 kit effectively controls room echo and reflection decay time over a wide range of frequencies. The kit includes five absorber panels and two of the firm’s Bazorber™ panels. The SP502 kit will have a MAP of $1,699.

Available in six standard colors with an additional 42 optional choices, the new SP220 and SP502 kits come with the same D.I.Y. installation kit included with the higher-priced StudioPanel kits. The point-of-sale package contains all the necessary tools and sophisticated software that allows the end-user to properly place and install each system component for maximum results.

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