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NetworkSound, Corevalus Systems Announce Partnership

NetworkSound, a leading real-time pro audio networking solution provider based in San Jose, Calif., and Corevalus Systems, a leading provider of SamePage solutions, announce their partnership to combine their expertise and product lines to launch an innovative solution to enhance the digital audio experience within a music performance environment.

The NetworkSound and SamePage partnership enables a full-featured personal monitor mix solution that integrates seamlessly with existing SamePage PLAN and PLAY music management platforms. SamePage MIX is a completely expandable system allowing for growth in both channel count and system architecture as required by the end user. SamePage MIX introduces a 16-channel personal audio mixer that allows each individual musician to mix his or her own monitor mix on the SamePage performance station touch screen. In the past, it was necessary to purchase separate systems to manage, plan and display music and to mix sound. Today’s technological advances allow SamePage and the audio mixer to exist on the same operating platform at each performance station.

The system dedicates one core of a multi-core processor to real-time audio processing. It mixes 16 channels of seamless quality sound with ultralow latencies and provides parametric equalization for each of the 16 channels and master mix. It also integrates a headphone amp, providing headphone and wedge outputs at the station. Additionally, it uses the latest 24-bit analog to digital converters and transmits all audio at an uncompressed 48kHz sampling rate. The included preamps allow connectivity to any existing system. The system also works over a standard IP/Ethernet infrastructure.

By allowing each musician’s mix to be set per song, each musician is able to set audio mixes in practice for each song and have the ideal mix throughout the entire performance without any additional adjustments. Additionally, through the SamePage profiling feature, each station remembers each user’s mix, allowing multiple music teams to use the same hardware. With more than 100 presets, the system is designed to be a versatile planning, performance and mixing system operating under one platform.

In addition to the combined Digital Snake, Personal Mix and SamePage Music solution, both companies are collaborating to develop additional solutions that will have significant impact on how audio is created, distributed and delivered within a music performance environment and over the Internet.

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