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Neumann, DiGiCo Collaborate On Product Integration

In 2001, Neumann introduced its D-01 digital mic, which conformed to the new AES 42 data transmission protocol to allow its digital microphones to work in conjunction with digital workstations. At NAB 2008, Neumann announced a collaborative effort with UK-based digital mixing console manufacturer DiGiCo to allow Neumann’s digital microphones to interface directly with DiGiCo’s desks.

“Despite the development of the AES 42 interface, there wasn’t any easy way to directly connect Neumann digital series microphones to a console,” explains Mike Pappas, Sennheiser’s senior applications engineer. “Now, with DiGiCo directly supporting AES 42, we have a digital path from microphone to speaker.”

Neumann is showing the TLM 103 D at this week’s NAB show. It includes an integrated, fast peak limiter and a built-in Neumann A/D converter designed to obviate the need for external converters or preamps.

“This ensures that the legendary Neumann sound is captured unchanged on the user’s hard disk, with optimal quality,” says Wolfgang Fraissinet, Neumann’s president of marketing/sales. “The addition of the DiGiCo console connection gives an added benefit to our customers by eliminating the need to use an external workstation, which makes the process even easier.”

“Although the AES 42 protocol was developed in 2001, the interconnection with consoles has moved slowly,” adds DiGiCo marketing director David Webster. “Back then, the use of digital consoles still wasn’t that wide-reaching. However, with their onslaught across the market, the desire to be able to stay digital throughout the audio chain is much greater.

“We’re very pleased to have been able to integrate AES 42 into the architecture of our consoles and, alongside Neumann, bring this added benefit to our customers.”

DiGiCo joins with Neumann and Sennheiser at NAB to showcase the interconnection of its consoles and Neumann’s AES 42 products in both company’s booths. DiGiCo can be found in booth N9133, Sennheiser/Neumann in booth N8207.

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