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DiGiCo Quantum 225 — Product of the Week

DiGiCo's DiGiCo Quantum 225 was designed to bring the power of Quantum to a compact work surface.

DiGiCo Quantum 225
DiGiCo Quantum 225.

New York, NY (March 10, 2023)—Following in the footsteps of the Quantum 338, the DiGiCo Quantum 225 was designed to bring the power of Quantum to a compact work surface.

The new console features a 17-inch multi-touch video screen with a meter bridge, along with soft quick-select buttons for easy navigation. Individual TFT LCDs show channel information and metering, bank information, and macros. The surface provides 25 100mm touch-sensitive faders organized in two banks of 12, plus a dedicated, user-assignable master fader with high-res metering.

The Quantum 225 runs at sample rates of 48 or 96 kHz, offering a maximum of 72 input channels with 36 buses and a 12×12 matrix, all with full channel processing. Local connections include eight analog I/O and two AES I/O. The system provides two redundant MADI I/O at 48 kHz, which can also be configured as four MADI I/O. At 96 kHz this acts as two MADI I/O with full channel count. (Note: The 225 also features DiGiCo HOME, a launcher portal that incorporates quick links to console applications and configuration setups. )

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Quantum 225 can be expanded via a variety of DiGiCo I/O racks, including the SD-Rack (up to 56×56), SD-MiNi Rack (up to 32×32) and SD-Nano Rack (up to 16×16), all of which offer Optocore connectivity. Also, two DMI up to 64×64 I/O, with options such as analog I/O, AES I/O, Aviom A-Net, MADI, Dante, Allen&Heath ME-1 or ME-500 Personal Mixers, Waves SoundGrid, and KLANG immersive connectivity. The Quantum 225 offers the option to add single or dual loops of Optocore, each of which supports 504 channels of audio using up to 14 DiGiCo racks.

Standard processing for the Quantum 225 includes DiGiCo’s patented Nodal Processing, True Solo, Mustard Processing channel strips, Dynamic EQ, Multi-Band Compression, and Spice Rack plug-in style native FPGA processing. The 225 engine provides a 48-channel UB MADI interface, enabling connection of a laptop via USB for 48 channels of recording and playback.

A multipurpose mounting bracket can be used to customize the left side of the work surface and mount a laptop, KLANG:kontroller (shown in photo on the left side), or an additional video screen. Encoders for EQ and dynamics—as well as the assignable encoders—employ RGB HTL rings for quick adjustment of parameters.

The chassis of the Quantum 225 measures 44.25W x 31.54D x 17.17H (inches) and weighs in at 95 pounds. The system employs dual redundant 500W power supplies, ensuring uninterrupted operation under adverse conditions.