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Audient iD44 (MKII) Audio Interface Debuts

Audient has updated its popular iD44 desktop audio interface with the launch of iD44 (MKII).

Audient iD44 (MKII) Audio Interface
Audient iD44 (MKII) Audio Interface.

Hampshire, UK (May 31, 2022)—Audient has updated its popular iD44 desktop audio interface with the launch of iD44 (MKII).

The new edition is said to provide better AD/DA converters with a 9 dB improvement. The iD44 (MKII) now also offers Audio Loop-back, so users have the ability to capture playback from multiple applications on the computer at the same time as the microphones, catering to a crucial need for content creators, podcasters and streamers.

The incorporation of a dual headphone amp, including both a ¼” jack and a mini-jack, means three sets of headphones can be plugged in at once. The unit’s all-metal aesthetic has also been rethought, with it now sporting a gray tone.

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The unit continues to offer hallmarks of its predecessor, such as four Audient Console Class A mic preamps, a pair of ADAT inputs and outputs for digital expansion, two discrete JFET instrument Inputs and two balanced inserts. The iD44 (MKII) also sports main and alt speaker outputs; a trio of user-defined function keys; ScrollControl; dedicated talkback, dim and cut controls; +48V, pad, and HPF switches; an ultra-low latency DSP mixer; word clock output; free software and plug-ins, and more.

The iD44 (MKII) is expected to ship in June 2022 and will retail at the same price as its predecessor: $699 MAP.