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Audified MixChecker Ultra—A Mix Product of the Week

MixChecker Ultra is the third version of Audified’s MixChecker series, simulating more than 90 headphones, monitors and environments.

Audified MixChecker Ultra—A Mix Product of the Week

New York, NY (June 21, 2024)—MixChecker Ultra is the third and most fully featured version of Audified’s MixChecker series, simulating more than 90 monitors, headphones and listening environments. It’s designed to work through your studio monitors or headphones, and includes an IR loader so you can add custom impulse responses.

MixChecker Ultra’s device simulations include 21 well-known studio monitors—with names and images that imply their identity—plus models of various TVs, laptops, smartphones, earbuds, headphones, auto and consumer sound systems, and more.

To enhance the realism of how a mix will sound under different listening conditions, the plug-in also lets you add noise to the simulated devices, including outdoor ambience, car background sounds and others. You can also turn on simulated distortion for each device.

MixChecker Ultra runs on Mac and PC and is easy to use. After instantiating it in your DAW or audio editor, switch between the simulated devices or compare it to your original by pressing the centrally located Bypass button. The Mono button allows you to switch to mono, swap channels and flip the phase, and more. Buttons are also available to toggle the distortion and background noise in and out.

Audified MixChecker Ultra.
Audified MixChecker Ultra.

MixChecker Ultra features a collection of preset Listening Groups that display 10 devices at a time. The choices include Monitor Tryouts, Consumer Devices and Common Reference Devices, among others.

You can also create custom Listening Group presets. In addition to clicking on specific devices, you can configure MixChecker Ultra to switch from one to the next after a user-specified time duration.

But that’s only part of the functionality. MixChecker Ultra also features an Analytics section where you can show up to five different modular meters.

Universal Audio LA-6176 — A Mix Product of the Week

The Gonio display shows stereo-phase differences. Dynamics shows the dynamic range measured by the peak-to-short-term loudness ratio. Loudness displays Momentary and Integrated LUFS over time and includes presets for streaming services and other listening targets. The Stereo module shows the left-right dispersion of audio by frequency.

The Spectrum module provides a spectral analysis and can be used to compare frequency response with a reference track that you load in the Player module. The latter accepts reference audio in WAV or MP3 format and lets you A/B it with your mix. You can show five Analytic modules at a time or any one of them in a significantly larger size.

MixChecker Ultra sells for $149 and offers a 30-day free trial.