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Dolby Atmos Album Assembler Mastering Tool Launched

Dolby Atmos Album Assembler is a new tool for sequencing multiple Dolby Atmos tracks for delivery.

Dolby Atmos Album Assembler Mastering Tool

San Francisco, CA (July 20, 2022)—Dolby Laboratories has launched Dolby Atmos Album Assembler, a new tool intended to aid users in sequencing multiple Dolby Atmos tracks for delivery as a completed album.

Engineers who are sequencing and mastering albums in Dolby Atmos can face multiple challenges due to the complexity of applying processing to an entire mix, much less maintaining proper metadata settings for each song. In response, Dolby has launched the Dolby Atmos Album Assembler, which works as an add-on to the Dolby Atmos Renderer application.

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The new add-on can be purchased separately via the Dolby Atmos Production Suite or Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite, and provides a straightforward way to sequence album tracks and apply final mastering touches to a complete record. Specifically, users can align songs on the timeline to sequence tracks, edit song durations, apply fade ins/outs, apply final EQ and dynamics, and measure loudness before exporting mastered Dolby Atmos ADM BWF files.

The tool is available for purchase for $99 through the Avid Marketplace and is also available as a free 90-day trial through Dolby.