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Mesanovic CDM65 Controlled Directivity Monitor Debuts

Mesanovic has introduced its second speaker, the CDM65, a 3-way active studio monitor speaker.

Mesanovic CDM65 Controlled Directivity Monitor
Mesanovic CDM65 Controlled Directivity Monitor

Detroit, MI (January 4, 2023)—While known for its American-made microphones, Mesanovic has been expanding into other parts of the signal chain, as evidenced by its latest product, the CDM65 Controlled Directivity Monitor. As the company’s second studio speaker, the CDM65 is a compact 3-way active monitor intended for both studio professionals and high-end home audio enthusiasts.

The CDM65 takes its name from the fact that it offers controlled directivity. Utilizing advanced DSP processing, the speaker reportedly creates a cardioid response down to around 150 Hz, while its waveguide aluminum dome tweeter controls upper range directivity. Due to ship in May, 2023, the speakers will arrive with the cardioid tuning preloaded, but users will have the ability to upload various tunings made available on the Mesanovic website, including a more traditional speaker tuning in the form of “standard mode.”

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The CDM65 was designed and tested using an anechoic chamber and a Klippel Near Field Scanner. The design has been optimized for the CEA 2034 measurement standard, providing a +/- 1.0dB on axis/listening window response.

The CDM65 has a balanced XLR input with a 24-bit 192 kHz ADC, but it is also a WiSA-certified speaker. It can receive wireless audio from any WiSA transmitter, including the Platin Stereo Hub. The Stereo Hub is manufactured for Mesanovic by Platin Audio and features an assortment of available inputs including USB Audio, HDMI, Optical, RCA, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, ChromeCast, and more. The Stereo Hub also features a DSP processor which can be utilized using the Mesanovic App. The app features room correction and the ability to manually EQ the response to one’s preference.

The CMD65 is expected to ship with a US Street Price of $2,649 USD per speaker, while the Stereo Hub will run $499. Pre-orders made before March 31, 2023 will include a free Stereo Hub.