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Mojave Audio MA-D Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Launched

Designed by Technical Grammy Award winner David Royer, the MA-D is Mojave Audio’s first hand-held dynamic microphone.

Mojave Audio MA-D Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
Mojave Audio MA-D Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Los Angeles, CA (August 1, 2022)—Mojave Audio has launched the MA-D, the company’s first hand-held dynamic microphone. Intended primarily for vocalists, the mic was designed by Technical Grammy Award winner David Royer to be useful for a variety of live and studio miking situations as well.

The intention behind the MA-D was to provide an optimized, full-frequency response and rich musicality; as a result, the microphone is said to provide the goods when placed on guitar and bass amps, drums, and brass, whether in live sound, recording or broadcast applications. An integrated pneumatic shock-mount and a built-in internal windscreen help reduce handling noise and prevent audible plosives. The MA-D includes a flexible mic clip and a zippered bag.

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“When we set out to create our first dynamic microphone, we wanted to avoid the harsh ‘presence peak’ common in a lot of well-known mics on the market and deliver a smoother-sounding alternative,” said Mojave Audio president Dusty Wakeman. “The MA-D has a rich, musical response that will make any vocalist happy, while working just as well on many other instruments in live miking situations. We’re proud to have a dynamic mic that we can put the Mojave name on.”

The MA-D is available now for MAP $159.00.