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New Products – November 2020

New Products Introduced in November 2020

Rupert Neve Designs MBC: Master Buss Converter

With the MBC Dual Path A-D Converter and Limiter, Rupert Neve Designs enters the field of analog-to-digital conversion. The MBC includes a fully featured analog limiter, 24-bit/192kHz conversion fed by selectable analog drive paths for tonal versatility, high-resolution metering, word clock I/O, analog XLR inputs and simultaneous AES, S/PDIF, and TOSLINK outputs. The newly developed analog drive circuitry allows the MBC’s converter to be fed by either a class-A transformerless path for maximum transparency, or by purpose-built interstage audio transformers with the company’s own variable Silk Red and Blue circuitry to control harmonic content and drive saturation for a wide variety of tonal enhancements. The MBC’s Compound Active Release Analog Limiter section has a class-A line amp stage with up to 20dB of gain, adjustable threshold and release controls, and an insertable highpass, side-chain filter fully sweepable from 20 Hz to 250 Hz.


iZotope Neoverb Intelligent Reverb Plug-in

iZotope‘s Neoverb is a reverb plug-in that combines industry-leading Exponential Audio technology with an intuitive, AI-powered workflow to help music producers and mix engineers quickly find the right space for their vocals and instruments. The Reverb Assistant feature lets users get to a starting point quickly in real-time and can also combine three different reverb engines at once. Blend Pad lets users visualize and mix three different types of reverbs at once. The EQ Section helps clean the input signal to keep a reverb tail from overwhelming a mix. Input Smoothing keeps dynamics even and avoids artifacts in the reverb tail. A modulation panel gives even more control over the reverb tail. Neoverb is also part of the newly released Music Production Suite 4.


Cranborne Audio Camden EC1 Preamp

This combination preamp, signal processor and headphone amplifier all in a half-rack, desktop friendly design, makes the ideal expansion for those who want to level up their home or project studio. Crandborne Audio‘s Camden EC1’s reference-quality headphone amplifier and independent, 4-channel line mixer allows for zero-latency monitoring using headphones directly from the front panel. For recording guitars, the Camden EC1 combines a Hi-Z instrument circuit with a dedicated ¼-inch link output. Finally, Camden EC1 also uses Cranborne Audio’s unique C.A.S.T. system for distributing audio around the studio using affordable Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 7 cabling.


Ocean Way Audio S10A Subwoofer

The new S10A subwoofer from Allen Sides’ Ocean Way Audio was primarily designed as a low-frequency companion to the company’s HR5 Reference Monitor as a perfect companion for any high-quality nearfield/midfield monitoring system. The S10A features stereo XLR input and output connectors, along with a variety of parameter adjustments, including gain, LF adjust, adjustable crossover and delay, and a 12V trigger input/output for power conservation and other applications. The S10A covers the low-end spectrum with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 120 Hz. It includes a 300W amplifier that can generate 110dB SPL.


McDSP MC-3 Multi-band Compressor, L-18 Surround Limiter

Made exclusively for the McDSP APB environment, the all new MC-3 Multi-band Compressor parameters are automatable and can be saved as a preset for instant session recall. The MC-3 supports Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and other AU/VST3 hosts. The next addition to the APB plug-in line up is the L-18 Surround Limiter. Surround formats from LCR to 7.1.2 are supported. All processing functions are identical to the original L-18 Limiter, with the additions of surround channel link modes, separately enabled LFE processing and an LFE soft curve mode, and expanded VU metering. All L-18 Surround Limiter parameters are automatable and can be saved as a preset for instant session recall.


Radial PZ-Pro 2-Channel Acoustic Preamp

The Radial PZ-Pro is a two-channel instrument preamp, DI, and switcher that enables complete control over tone, EQ settings, and effects. Each channel on the PZ-Pro features a separate equalizer strip complete with a filter section to reduce feedback on stage. The second channel of the PZ-Pro also features a microphone input to allow any dynamic or condenser microphone to be used, including clip-on instrument mics. Three footswitches provide the ability to toggle between each input channel, activate a built-in booster and an effects loop, or mute the signal for silent tuning on stage. Radial’s Acoustic Series line includes a range of preamps including the AC-Driver, PZ-Deluxe, PZ-Pre, and now, the PZ-Pro 2-Channel Acoustic Preamp.


Neutrik Features New PoE Injector

Ideal for use with Neutrik’s NA2-IO-DLINE and NA2-IO-DPRO Dante interfaces or any network device that requires a rugged, lockable PoE supply, the NPS-30W PoE Injector is the made for harsh stage conditions. It features a lockable powerCON TRUE1 TOP power connector and etherCON network connectors. Its 48 VDC, 30W power output enables it to provide power simultaneously to as many as four NA2-IO-DPROs in daisy-chain mode. The NPS-30W’s data rate is 1 Gbps. It ships with a rugged rubber cover for throwdown applications. Optional mounting devices enable the NPS-30W to be integrated easily into racks, trusses, and podiums and tables.


NEXO Expands P+ Series Loudspeakers

NEXO adds two new multi-purpose compact point-source loudspeakers to its P+ Series. The P8 features a coaxial eight-inch LF driver with a 1.5-inch diaphragm HF driver. The P10 has a coaxial 10-inch Neodymium LF driver and 1.7-inch diaphragm HF driver. The horn driver can rotate in both cabinets, a NEXO hallmark since its introduction in the PS Series. In the new P+ Series, the quick-release Magnelis steel grille can be quickly removed, allowing the horn to be swapped out and changing the standard 100-degree x 100-degree dispersion to a 110-degree x 60-degree alternative. SPL output: 129dB; peak for the P8 and 136dB Peak for the P10. Frequency response is 66Hz to 20kHz for the P8, and 63Hz to 20kHz for the P10. Both P+ Series models are available in touring and installation versions.


Yamaha Rivage PM5, PM3 Mixing Consoles

The newest additions to the Yamaha line of professional digital mixing consoles are the Rivage PM5 and Rivage PM3 digital mixing systems. The systems feature new CS-R5 and CS-R3 control surfaces, along with the DSP-RX and DSP-RX-EX DSP engines. The new DSP-RX engine provides 120 inputs, 48 mix buses and 24 matrices, while the DSP-RX-EX engine has 288 inputs, 72 mix buses and 36 matrices. The availability of two DSP engines with different mixing capacities, along with the two new control surfaces, offers greatly expanded flexibility for creating systems that are ideally suited to applications of just about any scale.


Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20 Loudspeaker

The new Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20 compact point source loudspeaker is a junior-sized version of the award-winning ULTRA-X40 loudspeaker, incorporating two five-inch cone drivers, one two-inch diaphragm compression driver and a rotatable 110-degree x 50-degree horn in a coaxial configuration. Power comes from a highly efficient three-channel Class D amplifier with sophisticated DSP, with everything fitted inside a compact cabinet that measures a mere 7.5 inches/19.5 cm wide by 19.04 inches/48.4 cm high by 8.6 inches/21.8 cm deep and weighs only 26 pounds/11.8 kg. Preliminary performance specifications give an operating frequency range of 60 Hz to 18 kHz, phase response of ±45 degrees (100 Hz -16 kHz) and linear peak SPL of 123.5dB measured with M-Noise.