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PSP stereoController2 — Mix Product of the Week

PSP’s stereoController2 offers handy features for mixing or mastering, including stereo image widening, frequency balance adjustment and time alignment.

New York, NY (June 23, 2023)—With all the recent focus on multichannel audio, most music and spoken word content are still in stereo. That’s why PSP’s just released PSP stereoController2 (Mac and Windows) is newsworthy. The plug-in offers many handy features for mixing or mastering, including stereo image widening, frequency balance adjustment and time alignment.

If the left and right levels are unbalanced, you can easily correct it. In addition to adjusting the width of the complete stereo image, you can separately tweak the mid and side content or the low and high-frequency content.

The Display Area in the GUI’s upper center includes a goniometer oscilloscope that visually displays the stereo signal. Horizontal Correlation and Balance meters are also included.

Individual markers representing the Left, Right and Center channels appear as yellow lines. Each line is primarily vertical but also has a smaller horizontal aspect. You can drag the Left and Right markers side to side to change the width. Dragging the Center marker changes the center position.

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Command-clicking (CTRL-click on PC) on the Left or Right markers and dragging them vertically changes their balance. Shift-Clicking and dragging vertically adjusts the Stability (where the left and right change but the center stays in place). All of the parameters that can be changed by manipulating the markers can also be adjusted with dedicated knobs.

The Buttons area contains several other essential controls. M-S is a decoder for converting mid-side recordings to stereo. Swap flips the stereo image. The L and R buttons allow you to reverse the polarity of individual channels or both. You can also solo the mid or side portions of the signal with the M and S buttons.

On the extreme left and right of the GUI are the Low and High sidebars, respectively. These allow you to adjust the Gain and Width of the low or high frequencies separately. The Gain controls allow for changing the low-to-high frequency balance. The Width knobs let you change that parameter individually for the lows and highs.

The plug-in also includes a small library of presets for basic processing situations such as stereo widening, boosting lows, reversing polarity and more.

PSP stereoController2 runs $99. Find out more at the PSP website.