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RF Venue Wireless System Builder Tool Unveiled

WirelessSystemBuilder is a free online tool for matching compatible wireless microphone and IEM systems to a U.S. location.

Ashland, MA (September 21, 2022)—RF Venue has launched a free online tool for determining the most appropriate matching compatible wireless microphone and in-ear monitor systems to use in a U.S. location. connects a daily-updated FCC database to a proprietary device recommendation engine to provide a location-specific list of compatible wireless systems across major manufacturers. The site can aid system designers, sales reps, and end users of wireless systems by delivering a full range of product options in seconds, while reducing the risk of specifying a wireless mic or in-ear monitor with limited available tuning range at the project location.

RF Venue 2-Channel Remote Antenna Kit Launched

Wireless System Builder also provides a compatible list of RF Venue Essential antennas, distros, and combiners to accommodate systems up to 16 channels. The app outputs a customizable report that can be shared via link, PDF, or email. Designed to be the starting point for designing wireless systems, is free to use and does not require an account, login or email signup.

“With more devices competing for less available spectrum, not only has operating wireless systems become more difficult, but navigating the pre-sale specification experience has become a maze of model numbers and frequency bands,” commented RF Venue President Chris Regan. “ does not recommend one manufacturer or product ahead of any other; it simply does all the research for you to determine which will have the most open tuning range at your project location. You can build a system live with a customer on the phone in under 30 seconds. No more complicated frequency tables, clumsy TV databases, or waiting on support tickets.”