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Online Extras for August 2006

August 2006

The pages of Mix come alive with sights and sounds. Each month, we’ll enhance selected stories with bonus material–from audio clips, extended interviews and photo galleries.

Sylvia Massy Shivy’s RadioStar Studios

Take your own virtual tour of this producer’s new Weed, Calif., RadioStar Studios, as well as take a look at the studio’s vintage gear, with quotes from Shivy on why each piece holds a place in her heart.

Field Test: Steinberg WaveLab 6

Dig deeper into this audio editing software with additional screen shots.

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Mix Interview: Geoff Emerick

There are more words of wisdom from The Beatles’ recording engineer than we could fit in print. Check out what Emerick also had to say, as well as what he’s told Mix in past articles.

Soundcheck: Martina McBride

Get more info from Martina McBride’s front-of-house engineer, John McBride.

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