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Peavey License Tag Supports After-School Programs

Peavey Electronics and the Mississippi Afterschool Alliance (a nonprofit association) are helping Mississippi become the first state to offer a car tag that benefits after-school programs. The group unveiled the tag on November 28 during the Peavey-sponsored Lights On Afterschool rally in Meridian, Miss.

“Mississippi is home to more than half a million youth between the ages 5 and 17,” says Mary Peavey, president of Peavey Electronics, “but Mississippi has only been able to cover nine percent of requests for
after-school funding. This car tag allows us all to make a difference in our own communities.”

For the $30 extra that drivers will pay for the tag—which bears the slogan “Afterschool is Key”—$24 will benefit after-school programs in the purchaser’s home county. The order form is available for download at

Peavey provides online and marketing support to the Mississippi Afterschool Alliance.

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