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Product of the Week: beyerdynamic Touring Gear Series Microphones

The Touring Gear Series of microphones has expanded with the addition of the TG D70 and TG 151. both dynamic models that work great on kick drum, transients and rich, low-frequency content.

Just in time for the Fall 2020 AES (virtual though it may be), beyerdynamic has expanded its Touring Gear (TG) Series with the introduction of two new microphones: the TG D70 and TG 151. As the name implies, Touring Gear Series microphones are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of everyday tour life while providing a high level of sound quality and superior workmanship.

The TG D70 is a dynamic microphone designed for use on kick drum, but is also suitable for use on other instruments with low-frequency content such as bass amp, cajon and horns. It features a pressure-gradient capsule with a hypercardioid pattern, and a frequency response ranging from 20 Hz to 14,000 Hz (40 Hz to 14,000 at 1 meter).

The capsule employed in the TG D70 is a refined version of the capsule used in the classic beyerdynamic M88—long a favorite of many engineers for use on kick drum. The tight pickup pattern ensures a high level of gain-before-feedback and minimal leakage on loud stages, while an internal elastic suspension isolates the capsule from vibration that might otherwise be transmitted through a microphone stand. The TG D70’s compact housing is constructed from die-cast zinc and facilitates easy placement. It can be used in combination with the beyerdynamic TG D71 boundary microphone, which can be placed inside a kick drum for use in a kick in/kick out configuration.

The beyerdynamic TG 151 microphone also employs a dynamic capsule and is intended for use on a variety of instruments such as snare, toms, electric guitar and horns. Utilizing a pressure-gradient capsule with a cardioid pattern, the TG 151 provides high attenuation of ambient noise, and an extremely fast transient response. Frequency range of the TG 151 is spec’d as 33 Hz to 19,000 Hz measured at 2 centimeters, or 80 Hz to 19,000 Hz measured at 1 meter.

The compact design of the TG 151 (79.5 mm long x 44 mm diameter) allows unobtrusive placement, and the mic can handle high sound pressure levels at close proximity. Nominal impedance of the TG 151 is 600 ohms.

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MSRP for the TG D70 is $249 USD; MSRP for the TG 151 is $129 USD. Both microphones are built by hand at the beyerdynamic factory in Heilbronn, Germany.

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