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Product of the Week: JBL IRX115S Subwoofer

A new, powerful, 15-inch subwoofer produces bass response down to 35 Hz at an affordable price, filling out the popular portable P.A. IRX Series.

JBL Professional has introduced the IRX115S, the newest member of the IRX Series of affordably priced portable P.A. products. The IRX115S is a powered subwoofer utilizing a 15-inch woofer with a 3-inch voice coil housed in a ported enclosure. It is capable of producing bass response down to 35 Hz at SPLs of up to 128 dB, with onboard amplification rated for 1,300 watts peak power (600 watts burst/400 watts continuous). Frequency response is spec’d at 45 Hz to 103 Hz, 3 dB down.

The IRX115S was designed to make it easy for users to achieve superior sound quality without guesswork. A built-in crossover provides three settings for crossover points (80 Hz, 100 Hz and 120 Hz), facilitating integration with a variety of full-range loudspeakers, including the JBL IRX108BT and IRX112BT.

The tuned, ported enclosure increases output level while reducing woofer noise, and a rear-panel polarity switch can be used to ensure correct polarity between the IRX115S and the full-range boxes. Input to the IRX115S is via two rear-panel combo jacks, and output is via XLR male jacks, enabling systems to be created using either one or multiple IRX115S subs. When signal is detected on both inputs, the IRX115S automatically routes the channel 1 input to the channel 1 thru jack, and the channel 2 input to the channel 2 thru jack.

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The IRX115S cabinetry is constructed of 15mm MDF with an 18mm front plate. A reinforced metal grille protects the 15-inch transducer without compromising acoustic performance. Cabinet features include recessed, side-mounted handles and an M20 x 2.5P pole cup for pole mounting of IRX Series full-range cabinets. Dimensions are 18.9 x 18.9 x 23.6 inches, and the IRX115S weighs in at 65 pounds.

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