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Product of the Week: Radial Engineering HotShot 48V

A simple, though powerful pedalboard device designed for silently switching a single microphone between two discrete outputs, while also supplying 48 VDC phantom power.

From those clever folks at Radial Engineering comes the HotShot 48V condenser microphone output switcher, designed for silently switching a single microphone between two discrete outputs. Packaged in a stomp-box format with a chassis constructed from 14-gauge steel, the HotShot 48V features one locking, balanced XLR microphone input and two balanced XLR outputs. A heavy-duty footswitch swaps the input signal between outputs A and B, with green and red LEDs (respectively) indicating which output is active.

As its name implies, the microphone input to the HotShot 48V can supply 48 VDC phantom power, negating the need to derive phantom power from the switching destinations and avoiding the audible pops and clicks that would otherwise result from doing so (the HotShot 48V may also be used with dynamic microphones).

An isolation transformer on the XLR input, in conjunction with a time-delay microcontroller, ensures noiseless switching between the A and B outputs. This enables the A output to feed a mains P.A. system while the B output feeds a monitor console or other cue device, allowing an artist to easily and discreetly communicate with techs and band members during a performance.

The rear panel of the HotShot 48V.

Rear-panel features include the XLR I/O and switches for phantom power on/off, ground lift for disconnecting pin 1 at both XLR outputs (thus avoiding ground loops), a latch switch that changes the footswitch action between momentary and latching, and a receptacle for a 9-volt DC power supply (included). The HotShot 48V can also be powered using a standard multi-output pedalboard power supply.

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By leaving the B output disconnected, the HotShot 48V may be used as a mute/cough switch simply by toggling the footswitch between the A and B outs.

The HotShot 48V is available at an MSRP of $290. More info here.