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Product of the Week: Royer Labs AxeMount SM-21 Dual Microphone Clip

Using multiple microphones on a guitar cabinet is not a new idea, and some of the problems engineers face when using this technique include getting the capsules close together without interference from multiple stands and microphone mounts, and placing the microphones so that they are phase-coherent. The AxeMount SM-21 from Royer Labs is designed to solve these issues.

AxeMount is a microphone clip that holds two microphones: a Royer R-121 ribbon mic and a 57-style dynamic microphone. The combination of these two mics is a tried-and-true technique that has proved its effectiveness in the studio as well as on stage, whereby the R-121 captures a warm, full-bodied sound, while a 57-style mic is used to add the aggressive crunch. The AxeMount securely holds the two microphones on a single mic stand, with optimal positioning and correct phase alignment. An added bonus for live engineers is that both mics can be easily moved at the same time to another speaker cone, or another cabinet, without disturbing the arrangement or coherence of the two microphones. The AxeMount is available at an MSRP of $49.99.