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Pyramind Studios Helps Launch Electronic Music Scholarship

On November 4, during the Flux Summit and Test Press event held at Pyramind Studios in San Francisco, Pyramind and San Francisco LovEvolution announced the winners of the first-ever Beat University Scholarship. The two organizations jointly established Beat University to award scholarships to disadvantaged youth of all backgrounds.

Scholarship winners hold the $20,000 check that represents the funds raised by Pyramind and LovEvolution. From left: Liam Shy (LovEvolution); Gregory J. Gordon (Pyramind Studios); Terrance Alan (LovEvolution); Beat University Scholarship winners Bonny Schellinger, Christopher Wofford, Matthew Felts and Annie Jacobsen; and Joshua Smith (LovEvolution).

The first recipients of the Beat University scholarship are Bonny Schellinger, Annie Jacobsen, Christopher Wofford and Matthew Felts. Each recipient will receive a $5,000 rider toward tuition for an education in electronic music and digital audio at Pyramind.

“These winners represent exactly the sort of student the Beat University Scholarship was intended to benefit,” says Pyramind Studios CEO Gregory J. Gordon. “These scholarship recipients are talented, motivated, and excited for the opportunity. We couldn’t have asked for better students to become part of our community.”

“It wouldn’t be possible for me to be here right now without this scholarship,” says scholarship recipient Annie Jacobsen. “Thank you so much to Pyramind and LovEvolution. Your dreams really can come true!”

San Francisco LovEvolution is the not-for-profit organization behind the electronic dance music gathering that takes place every year in San Francisco. LovEvolution and Pyramind jointly raised funds for the scholarship by producing the official LovEvolution compilation CD on Epiphyte Records, and dedicating all sales proceeds to the scholarship fund.

“LovEvolution is proud to partner with Pyramind in making Beat University a reality,” says LovEvolution president Joshua Smith. “Music in school and music education can play a central role in changing our youth’s lives for the better. Our community stands on the shoulders of those who benefited from music in schools. LovEvolution is dedicated to growing our commitment to giving back to the community.”

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