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QSC Introduces Q-SYS Small-Format Touch Screen Controller

Costa Mesa, CA – QSC is introducing the TSC-47W-G2, a 4.7” in-wall touch screen dialer/controller. The new touch screen combines capacitive LCD touch technology with a 960×540 high-definition resolution display and Power over Ethernet (PoE) for simplified single cable installation. The TSC-47W-G2 can operate in both portrait or landscape mode providing integrators even more design flexibility when installing in a wall, lectern or a similar flat surface. In addition, these units include accessories for mounting to US and European standard wall and junction boxes.

“The new TSC-47W is the perfect control accessory for nearly any Q-SYS installation,” says Mike Brandes, Product Manager of Installed Systems, QSC. “It gives integrators a go-to device when they need a small-format screen that installs easily, and offers a fully customizable interface without the need for any programming experience.”

As with all Q-SYS touch screens, you can easily create custom graphical user control interfaces (UCIs) for the TSC-47W-G2 directly within Q-SYS Designer Software. Simple drag-and-drop configuration allows integrators to provide end users a full range of controls, from complete systems control and monitoring to one-touch deployments of complex presets.

Q-SYS Level One training now offers new tutorials to help design an intuitive and functional UCI. To start your Q-SYS training, please visit