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QSC Launches CSM Series, Surface Mount Subwoofer

QSC’s new CSM Series stage monitors are set to make their industry debut. Representing the latest additions to the Costa Mesa, Calif.–based manufacturer’s catalog of premium concert sound products, the CSM Series comprises three models: the CSM10, CSM12 and CSM15.

The loudspeakers are respectively equipped with 10-, 12- and 15-inch woofers. At the high-end within each of the horn-loaded, two-way cabinets are compression drivers outfitted with neodymium magnet structures, 3-inch voice coils and 1.4-inch exits.

The CSM Series promises high-power output; clean, transparent sound; and rugged reliability; along with user-adjustable pattern control of the high frequency section, which facilitates changes in the vertical plane from asymmetrical coverage spanning a total of 100 degrees to a fully symmetrical 150 degrees. Working in combination with each CSM Series cabinet’s tight, narrow coverage of 50 degrees in the horizontal plane, the asymmetrical vertical pattern is ideally suited for stage monitor use to minimize spill into the house, while the symmetrical choice makes each enclosure capable of serving double-duty as a frontfill, downfill, or other full-range device when used with a special yoke.

Each cabinet has internal hardware and the press of a button releases a pair of aluminum legs that offer added upstage tilt available from 0-15 degrees in 1-degree increments.

A recessed pocket on the bottom of each cabinet houses a pair of Neutrik Speakon NL4 connectors, as well as a switch for selecting passive or bi-amped operation. The pocket also keeps cable connections out from under foot and tucked neatly away out-of-sight.

Sold in packages including BASIS processing supporting different numbers of mixes, every CSM Series cabinet is made using 15-ply birch. Finished in black, the enclosures additionally sport heavy-duty perforated steel grilles.

QSC AD-S28Tw surface mount subwoofer

The model AD-S28Tw surface mount subwoofer is acoustically matched to all other offerings within QSC’s AcousticDesign Series. Its spec sheet lists a continuous power handling capacity of 250 watts and capabilities for managing up to 700-watt peaks. The new subwoofer has a 70/100-volt multi-tap transformer with 8-ohm bypass, frequency response of 42-165 Hz, and sensitivity of 94 dB (1W/1m).

A pair of 8-inch woofers is outfitted with polypropylene cones for added protection in humid environments. The loudspeaker’s bandpass enclosure incorporates a pair of chambers: one that is completely sealed, and another with a large port. Giving added precision to low frequency extension down to 36 Hz, the design is further complemented by an onboard lowpass filter set at 120 Hz.

Featuring marine-grade plywood construction, a zinc-plated steel grille with a black foam backing, molded ABS end caps, and a rotatable logo, the AD-S28Tw enclosure has additionally been fitted with a recessed rear input panel covered by a hinged door. Nickel-plated input and output terminals found on the subwoofer accept wiring ranging from 18 AWG to 12 AWG. One switch selects between the 70/100V transformer taps, while another enables or disables the passive lowpass filter.

Attached rubber feet allow the device to be used on either the floor or a shelf. Forged-shoulder eyebolts, a steel yoke, and all related hardware are additionally included with each loudspeaker to offer options for suspended installation.

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