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SAE Launches SAEOnLine Courses

SAE, a private educator with more than 50 campuses around the globe, launches SAEOnLine, offering SAE’s expertise in music production, games programming (from SAE’s sister company Qantm, which specializes in game-based courses) and film production to homes worldwide.

SAEOnLine currently offers 22 courses, which SAE expects to rise to 25 and beyond over the coming weeks. These courses cover every aspect of creative technology including camera tracking, 3-D character design, writing music for visuals, microphone placement and recording techniques. There are 16 learning advisors on hand to offer help and advice, and students are encouraged to use the site to interact with these advisors and fellow students, sharing music, ideas and show reels. All profiles are highly interactive so that content can easily be shared to all the popular social networks, and a student radio facility will feature the best student work for all to hear.

Courses are available in English, Spanish, Italian and German. The International Graduate College is integrating with SAEOnLine to offer a masters degree in conjunction with Middlesex University. SAE states that additional post-graduate development is also in the pipeline.

“This is set to be the most exciting phase of SAE’s growth and a revolution in learning, ” says Chris Hambly of SAEOnLine. “Now anyone can benefit from an SAE education in film, music, games programming and new media, all through a computer screen no matter what their circumstances or global position. SAEOnLine really is a mouth-watering prospect and could represent the future of education: rather than having to travel to an SAE college, we bring that college to you, anywhere in the world!”

For more information, visit and click here to view SAE’s online course catalog. For SAE’s Twitter feed, go to