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Sennheiser to Host Series of Online Recording Sound Academy Webinars

Sennheiser announces that it will begin hosting a series of Online Recording Sound Academy (RSA) Webinars featuring Grammy Award–winning engineers and producers this Thursday, April 5. The company’s Webinars will teach attendees how to use various recording techniques aimed at achieving the best possible studio sound.

The first Webinar, which is offered free of charge, will focus on EQ and compression techniques and take place this coming Thursday, April 5, at 5 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time as a special introductory offering to program participants.

On April 5, Grammy Awards-winning producer/engineer David Thoener (Santana, AC/DC) will host “Avoiding Too Much Equalization and Compression,” in which attendees will learn how to use EQ constructively, when to use compression and when to avoid using compression, and how to add the final sheen to a mix by gently applying EQ.

Sennheiser states that its Online Recording Sound Academy borrows instructional elements from the company’s on-site Recording Sound Academy seminars, such as valuable tips and instruction on microphone selection and placement, and recording and mixing techniques. The RSA Webinars will run between April and October and feature instruction by accomplished producers and engineers on a variety of recording topics, as well as a thorough Q&A session with the instructor.

Upcoming dates and topics include May 3: “Modern Compression Tactics,” hosted by producer Karl Richardson; June 13: “Recording Vocals,” hosted by engineer Tom Young; July 17: “Mixing,” hosted by producer/mixer Tim Palmer; August 13: “Remixing, Beats, and Percussive Rhythms,” hosted by production/songwriting team Cool & Dre; September 12: “Reverb, Spectral Energy and Human Positional Perception,” hosted by Greg Lukens, engineer and founder of Audio Fabricators; and on October 25, “Engineer’s Roundtable: Award-Winning Engineers Discuss Recording Tips, Tricks and Trends,” moderated by 21-time Grammy-winning producer/engineer Al Schmitt.

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