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Sennheiser Introduces K-array Blueline KB1 Powered Line-Array System

K-array Blueline KB1

Sennheiser in Old Lyme, Conn., announces the launch of the Blueline series of loudspeakers from its distributed brand K-array. The first product to be launched as part of the K-array Blueline Series is the KB1 ($TBA), an ultra-slim, powered line-array system featuring a 12-inch sub-woofer and eight 3-inch drivers. The KB1 weighs 44 pounds and comes with a carrying case, and is designed for bands, solo musicians, DJs, presenters and other customers who need a “plug-and-play” portable sound system.

The KB1 can be used as amplification for solo artists, as a monitor system, or as a main stereo P.A. for a live event by adding a second system.

The KB1 offers quick set-up, standard connections and straightforward controls. For advanced control and customization, users can connect a PC via integrated USB connector. It is said to emit a constant sound pressure level (SPL). By using the K-array presets or creating new ones, users can tailor their system for a specific use. The KB1 also features on-board digital processors and a digital 4-input mixer that allows users to modify input levels and EQ parameters, add multi-effects, and compress and regulate output channels.

Users can adjust the vertical height of the sound with precision. Also, as with other K-array products, the KB1 is constructed of professional-grade materials such as wood, steel and aluminum. A padded cover is included, making it easier to transport and protect when not in use.

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