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Sony Media Software’s ACID Pro 6 Now Available

Sony Media Software’s ACID Pro 6 ($499.95) software for Windows includes new multitrack recording and MIDI capabilities. Users can simultaneously record multiple audio and MIDI tracks into the ACID timeline through a variety of methods, including step recording, punch in/out, continuous looping and more. MIDI data can be manipulated directly on the ACID timeline, using either a piano roll or a drum-grid interface. Users can edit all note position, velocity, pitch bend and controller information in the main multitrack interface.

Additional new ACID Pro 6 features include dual/multi-core processor support; on-the-fly punch-in recording; envelope automation recording; track record meters; MIDI track envelopes for controllers; MIDI keyframes for patch changes and sys ex messages; MIDI Quantize and Velocity filters; MIDI file import and export; freehand envelope drawing on the timeline; Gracenote MusicID CD album identification; ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus and ATRAC Advanced Lossless format support; and film-style panning mode for 5.1 surround projects.

Version 6 natively supports the Mackie Control Universal and the Frontier Design TranzPort, and allows custom mapping of up to five user-defined control surfaces.

ACID Pro 6 software also includes Native Instruments’ KOMPAKT Sony ACID Pro Edition, a configurable sample playback engine that includes a custom sound library assembled by Native Instruments specifically for ACID Pro 6 users.

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