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Soundelux Design Music Group Delivers Sound, Music for ‘Lost Planet 2’

Soundelux Design Music Group in Hollywood recently provided original music, voice-over recording and sound design for Lost Planet 2, Capcom’s new sequel to its third-person shooter videogame. Jamie Christopherson wrote the new main theme and the majority of the score for the game. A 96-piece live orchestra, said to be one of the largest ever used for a videogame title, recorded the theme. Capcom’s in-house composer, Marika Suzuki, wrote additional music. The game is scheduled for release this month in North America, Europe and Japan.

Christopherson, who also composed the score for the original Lost Planet game, says that the new score was inspired by music from classic science fiction films. “The main theme touches on the theme from the first game, but then takes it into an entirely new dimension,” he says. “It includes big, epic themes—massive music—to match the scope and scale of the game. Everything is bigger than life.”

Christopherson conducted the live orchestra in recording sessions at the landmark 20th Century Fox Recording Stage in Los Angeles. He also conducted a second, three-hour session involving live percussion. Shawn Murphy (Iron Man 2, Saving Private Ryan) was scoring recordist/scoring mixer for both sessions.

Soundelux Design Music Group created specialty sound design elements. Working with Capcom’s sound director, Tomoya Kishi, Supervising Sound Editor Peter Zinda led the team that created sound effects for many of the game’s robotic “Vital Suits,” “Akrid” life forms and weapons. They also conducted Foley sessions to create sound effects for human characters dressed in various forms of armored gear.

The sound team worked with Capcom’s Frameworks Version 2 software to integrate sound elements into the game. “We provided Capcom with sounds and game data. Instead of listening to sounds in isolation, they were able to play them back in the game very quickly,” says Zinda. “It worked very well and led to a much better product.

“[Lost Planet 2] features a huge variety of sounds,” Zinda adds. “There are realistic weapons and sci-fi weapons; every Vital Suits has its own character, every Akrid sounds unique. The sounds help tell the story of the game and create its environment.”

Soundelux Design Music Group is a full service audio post-production facility specializing in original music composition, sound design and voice-over recording. For more information, call 323/603-5100 or visit