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Source Elements Announces Two New Versions of Source-Connect

Source Elements’ Source-Connect 2.5 ($395) is customized for musicians and voice-over artists. It includes stereo bit rates of up to 192 Kbps, a simplified user interface, remote transport synchronization with overdub mode and the ability to connect to Source-Connect Pro. Source-Connect 2.5 uses current AAC/MP4 algorithms and provides users with 24-bit audio.

Source-Connect Pro 2.5 ($1,495) includes stereo bit rates of up to 320 Kbps; multi-connect, remote transport synchronization with overdub and review mode; VPN functionality for increased security; advanced control over bandwidth optimization and latency; user-defined port selection; and phone support with the option for certification. Source-Connect Pro is optimized to allow multiple users within a network.

For a limited time, all new purchasers of Source-Connect Pro will receive a copy of Source Elements’ new product, Source-Live, at no additional cost (a $395 value).

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