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Studio Technologies Releases Model 2A Central Controller for IFB Series

Studio Technologies Model 2A Central Controller

Studio Technologies in Skokie, Ill., recently released the Model 2A Central Controller (price TBA) for its IFB Plus Series. The single-rackspace space unit builds on the foundation of the original Model 2 while offering upgraded features and improvements that promise better performance, higher reliability and less energy consumption than the original unit.

Now shipping, the Model 2A Central Controller promises improved audio quality and enhanced signal handling capabilities. An added micro-controller integrated circuit promises improved audio level metering, smoother audio control and expanded telephone interface features. A highlight is the improved talent amplifier output, which allows more listen-only IFB talent amplifiers to be connected. In addition, party-line (PL) user devices can be connected to create a simple 2-channel intercom system.

Model 2A Central Controller rear panel

Designed for use in mobile applications, such as ENG trucks and OB vans, the design of the Model 2A is more compact and of lighter weight than the original. Using contemporary power supply designs allows the unit to be more energy efficient, offer cooler operation and weigh less. The overall audio quality has been significantly enhanced through the use of improved circuit designs and the latest components. The Model 2A retains all the core functions of the original version. The front panel and input/out connections remain identical to that of the Model 2. This allows “drop in” replacement for existing Model 2 installations.

The Model 2A is fully compatible with the company’s entire IFB Plus Series of product offerings, including the popular Model 32A Talent Amplifier, Model 22 Access Station, and related accessories. The new unit offers an easy upgrade for existing IFB Plus Model 2 users.

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