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TC Electronic’s UpCon Hi-Res Audio Upconverter Is Now Shipping

TC Electronic in Risskov, Denmark, announces that its UpCon upconversion and downmix processor housed in a single-rackspace unit, which the company introduced at IBC 2013, is now shipping. UpCon continuously monitors the channel format of the incoming audio, and if the signal falls back from true 5.1 to stereo, UpCon seamlessly crossfades into a convincing 5.1 surround upconversion without adding interruptions or artifacts.

UpCon is based on UnWrap HD algorithm upconverter for film and mastering professionals and shares its ultra low latency as well as its overkill processing resolution.

The UpCon rear panel

TC Electronic states that the upconverted audio is “loudness transparent,” and that it will not output a significantly different signal in terms of perceived loudness compared to the source. Broadcasters often need to stay within certain boundaries according to regulation or recommendation; by letting UpCon handle the conversion from stereo to 5.1, it is possible to stay compliant regardless of the signal’s channel format.

The hardware is based on the TC Electronic DB6 platform and UpCon offers the same extended control possibilities. Ease of use is key, as it can detect the incoming signal channel format automatically. In case the engineer wants more manual control, UpCon also offers extensive GPI control, or it can be set up to react to incoming metadata.

UpCon 3G expansion card

UpCon also offers the same expandability as DB6 Multi. It comes standard with one 3G SDI stream, but it can be expanded with one or two optional UpCon 3G cards for a maximum of three simultaneous SDI streams, a cost-effective, high-density solution.

UpCon comes with dual low-noise fans, dual fuses and dual power inlets for feeding the unit from two independent power sources so that broadcasters will not signal while on the air.

Should the unlikely event happen that DB6 loses power, transmission will go on thanks to the Relay Bypass feature that passes the stream directly from input to output, no matter what happens. Further, if one of the power sources should fail, notification can be given using GPIO or SNMP traps.

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Watch TC Electronic’s 1-minute video about UpCon on YouTube.