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TSL Launches X-Connect IP Solution

IP routing of all connected media devices in a single, vendor-agnostic system that can be added to any existing broadcast infrastructure.

(Amsterdam, Netherlands)—At IBC2022, TSL has launched X-Connect, an IP routing software and hardware solution that includes a control layer, a user interface and a control processor to make IP routing more accessible to the broadcast industry as it transitions to an IP workflow.

X-Connect is a control layer that ensures all the individual pieces of a broadcaster’s audio and video kit can easily be found, launched and managed across a network that makes use of IP media routing. The software can be added into any existing infrastructure, as it utilizes NMOS and is vendor-agnostic, making it compatible with virtually all media devices. 

BerkleeNYC Cross-Connects With TSL.Network System.

X-Connect marries TSL’s virtual control processor, the GTP-V1, which creates a virtual router and enables it to be connected to a control layer, such as TSL’s TallyMan. It can then be managed by the user through TSL’s Virtual Panels or a range of hardware control panels.

The single-rackspace X Connect hardware.

From an operator and engineering point of view, X-Connect resembles the workflow of the more common baseband router, but instead uses IP technology. This provides a great benefit to those that have not yet been fully trained using IP routing or are in the early stages of deploying a fully IP workflow. 

“As the transition to IP gains pace, it is important that customers at all levels, including small to large broadcasters, have the options to choose open, cost-effective solutions that allow them to leverage the benefits of IP and COTS equipment without having to commit to the costs associated with a full infrastructure overhaul,” says Tom Pollard, control product manager, TSL. “X-Connect also allows a broadcaster to scale the system, when ready, providing a quality solution for now and into the future.”

TSL’s X-Connect IP Routing solution is scheduled to be available by the end of the year.