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Universal Audio Unveils 710 Twin-Finity Preamp

At AES Amsterdam this past weekend, Universal Audio debuted the model 710 Twin-Finity, a single-channel preamp offering tube and solid-state sounds. The 710 Twin-Finity’s dual signal path design centers around an innovative, phase-aligned “Tone-Blending” knob. This rotary control provides continuously variable blending between 100-percent tube (12AX7) and 100-percent solid state, offering a wide palette of preamp tones. All circuitry has a high-headroom, high-gain (+70 dB), Class-A architecture, and in addition to its mic input, the unit also includes a high-impedance (2.2M ohm) 1/4-inch DI for instrument sources. The rear panel of the all-metal chassis has XLR connectors for mic input, line input and line output.

Two large, rotary knobs (styled after those on the classic UREI Little Dipper) yield precise, independent control of gain and output level, and—operating in the same manner as the input/master pots on a guitar amp—let users tweak the tone from straight-wire-with-gain to creamy to crunchy, and anything in-between. Other features in the 710 Twin-Finity include an internal power supply, a large, backlit VU meter that’s selectable to indicate either output or drive level, and switches for phantom power, -15dB pad, 75Hz low-cut filter and phase (polarity) reverse. Stated frequency response is an impressive 20 to 100k Hz (±0.2 dB).

The Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity is designed and built in the U.S., will have an MSRP of $999 ($799 street), and includes a pro 19-inch rack kit for mounting single or dual units. Worldwide shipping is expected to begin in July.

For more information, visit Universal Audio at

For a video demo of the 710, click here for Mac or here for Windows.