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Virtual Katy Ships VK Version 2.5

Virtual Katy Development Limited, a Digidesign development partner, announced the release of VK Version 2.5 for the VK Conformer ($395), VK2 ($995) and VK CNA ($1,495) products. The new release was demonstrated for the first time at the NAB 2007 exhibition.

Version 2.5 adds AAF support (in VK CNA only) to modernize VK list handling. Sound editors can use VK to access the video timeline within an AAF file and extract the information for version comparison. With an AAF file, all elements are accessible from one file—video, audio and metadata information. Version 2.5 also offers a redesigned user interface that streamlines controls and simplifies user functions. The reorganized menu options properly prioritize functions in a straightforward order. Columns and bins automatically resize to accommodate data. Users can now drag and drop EDL and AAF files, as well as change in and out of page views.

The Use Clip Name feature allows users to compare two EDLs based on the clip information entered into Avid. This feature is recommended for situations in which there are no source reels such as animators working with QuickTime movies. Print functions for printing VK EDLs and VK Change Notes have been implemented. Version 2.5 also adds iLok support and Universal Binary support for Mac OS X Version 10.4.9.

Version 2.5 is available from Virtual Katy’s Website as a free update for existing VK CNA, VK2 and VK Conformer owners. VK Conformer and VK2 users can upgrade to VK CNA for $1,095 and $495, respectively. Change Note Assistant users can upgrade to VK CNA for $895.

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