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Telos Alliance Bows Axia Altus Virtual Mixing Console

Telos Alliance has introduced the software-based Axia Altus virtual mixing console.

Telos Alliance Axia Altus Virtual Mixing Console
Telos Alliance Axia Altus Virtual Mixing Console.

Cleveland, OH (March 23, 2023)—Telos Alliance has introduced the Axia Altus virtual mixing console, a software-based solution that brings a full-featured audio mixer to desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smartphones running any modern web browser.

Altus’ full-function mixing—including eight virtual auxiliary mixers and integration with Telos VX broadcast phone systems—allows distributed and remote workforces to collaborate on recorded programs and live broadcasts, including contribution audio and monitoring. Additionally, Altus is suitable for setting up a temporary studio, building a low-cost disaster recovery center or quickly launching a remote broadcast.

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Altus is delivered as a Docker container, a method of software deployment used in modern IT environments that provides flexibility on- or off-premises using non-proprietary COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) hardware.

“Altus provides all of the flexibility and efficiency that comes with software solutions, but more than anything, it empowers and invites broadcasters and content creators to think and work in ways they never thought possible before,” explains Greg Shay, chief technical officer for Telos Alliance. “Our goal with Altus was to leverage the benefits of virtualization while preserving the familiar feel Axia customers know and love.”