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Warner/Chappell Music Expands Global Production Music Presence

Warner/Chappell Music, the global music-publishing arm of Warner Music Group Corp., announces its acquisition of Los Angeles-based Groove Addicts Production Music Library and London-based Carlin Recorded Music Library (CRML). Effective immediately, the acquisitions expand Warner/Chappell’s global production music business and double its existing library of high-quality production music with more than 16 catalogs containing more than 74,000 cues/songs.

As part of the agreement, Groove Addicts Production Music Library and CRML and their respective catalogs will be exclusively marketed and licensed by Non-Stop Music, an Emmy award-winning production music company and a division of Warner/Chappell Music since 2007.

In making the announcement, Dave Johnson, Chairman and CEO for Warner/Chappell Music, says, “The acquisitions of Groove Addicts and CRML further expand our global presence in a fast-growing, high-margin segment of the music publishing business and provide many more opportunities to showcase the songs in the Warner/Chappell catalog on a wide array of music platforms and services. Together with Non-Stop Music, these valuable libraries will strengthen our standing in the production music business and allow us to offer the music licensing community an even broader and deeper range of music from our catalog.”

Randy Thornton, Chief Executive Officer for Warner/Chappell Music production music worldwide, a division of Warner/Chappell Music, adds, “CRML and Groove Addicts are known worldwide for their impressive music catalogs which cater to all elements of the music licensing community. I look forward to working closely with Dain Blair of Groove Addicts and Nick Farries of CRML to further establish and enhance these two wonderful, internationally recognized collections.

Dain Blair, founding partner of Groove Addicts, adds, “We are extremely pleased to be turning over our library catalog to Warner/Chappell and Non-Stop Music. We know they will continue the Groove Addicts tradition of quality first and we look forward to continuing to build the catalog together.”

Finally, Nick Farries, head of production for Warner/Chappell Music—Production Music Europe, says, “Working with Non-Stop Music and Warner/Chappell opens up exciting new opportunities for us. Our loyal professional client base is as broad and diverse as the music that we produce and we look forward to continuing to build on our past success together.”

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