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124th AES Activities for Sonic Studio

Company Set to Launch, Demo & Preview New Professional Solutions

Marin County, CA – May 17, 2008 — Amsterdam‘s RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre will be the rallying point around which audio professionals will once again gather for the 124th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society. Sonic Studio, LLC will be there, sharing a booth with partners Minnetonka Audio Software and Legendary Audio. Sonic Studio will be launching new products, demonstrating current wares, and providing a glimpse at future technologies of note.

The company will stage the first public showing of several new items. A brief look at the convention highlights include:

• the release of PreMaster CD™ version 3.0

• the release of soundBlade™ version 1.2.2

• the release of the Quartet DynPEQ™ plug-in

• the release of a new DSD transcoding option

• the release of a no cost Sonic EQ le plug-in

• ongoing demonstrations of new & current products including a UB version of soundBlade, Series 300™ DSP I/O Processors, and the nexStage™ DSD line of post-production tools

• technology demonstrations of partner hardware & software products

New product releases for Sonic Studio at the show will include an updated version of both of their PCM products. PreMaster CD version 3.0 represents a major overhaul of this landmark application, now a Universal Binary for Intel and PowerPC Macs. A maintenance release of Sonic Studio‘s flagship product, soundBlade, will also be available. With over forty significant enhancements, version 1.2.2 improves stability and adds new frameworks for future additions.

A significant new product will be released, a plug-in option exclusively for soundBlade that was previewed at the 123rd AES Convention. This Audio Units signal processor, Quartet DynPEQ from Wholegrain Digital Systems, combines four individual dynamic equalizers with a completely new, highly transparent processing algorithm and easy user interface. Quartet DynPEQ can act as four independent compressors, as four independent, full function equalizers or, as four parallel, dynamically driven equalizers, all in one plug-in package. Quartet DynPEQ opens a new world of subjective loudness and timbral control, color modification and impairment remediation.

With the addition of low cost, DSD-native recorders to the audio engineer‘s toolkit, there has not been a professional yet cost effective solution to the problem of PCM conversion and distribution. In response to that need, Sonic Studio will release a simple new DSD to LPCM transcoding option for soundBlade and PreMaster CD that converts DSD data in the background and preserves all the nuance of the original recording.

As part of Sonic Studio‘s on-going commitment to improving quality for a wide range of audio practitioners, they will be releasing a freebie version of their legendary Sonic EQ. This VST Mac implementation of Sonic Studio‘s proprietary equalization provides a choice of first order shelves or a classic parametric, perfect for just the right touch of correction. To learn more about any of the items mentioned and obtain a gratis copy of Sonic EQ le, stop by stand 2212 in the RAI Convention Center from May 17th through the 20th, visit them on the web at or, call Sonic Studio at 1-415-460-1201.

About Sonic Studio

Sonic Studio, LLC is the premier manufacturer of ultra-fidelity DSD post and PCM content creation systems. Sonic Studio‘s Emmy award-winning NoNOISE II suite is the leading audio restoration toolset for archivists, record labels, videographers and forensic investigators while their product lines for Red and Scarlet Book premastering define the state of the art. Sonic Studio‘s digital audio workstations and software are in use at major studios, record labels, broadcast and post production facilities worldwide. Based in Marin County, California, Sonic Studio has an international network of distributors and channel partners who share their commitment to quality and service.

soundBlade, PreMaster CD, Series 300, nexStage, and the Sonic Studio logo and type are trademarks of Sonic Studio, LLC in the United States and other countries. Quartet DynPEQ is a trademark of Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies.