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Acronova announces the release of QQripper V1.2.0.1 audio ripping automation software

New version of QQripper provides more convenient audio ripping features for iTunes, saving time and effort.

North Brunswick, New Jersey – Acronova Technology, Inc., the leading provider of multi-functional auto-loading equipments for CD/DVD/BD, introduces a new version of the QQripper, an automation software for audio ripping using the Nimbie NB11 autoloader. The PC-connected Nimbie NB11 is a 100-disc autoloader designed for in-house duplication, disc labeling, data back up, audio ripping and other customized burning functions. Nimbie is the perfect solution for home, office and studio users. QQripper, developed by Broadex Systems, Inc., is compatible with Windows XP/Vista and works with iTunes or Windows Media Player to enable automated disc loading for unattended music ripping. The added features to QQripper V1.2.0.1, offers users the

option to rip unidentified discs, unload unidentified CDs to a different output and replace existing songs to eliminate multiple identical music files stored in the HDD. These three added features make disc ripping in large volume more convenient and organized.  With version, QQripper users are now provided with the option to not rip unidentified CDs which have no track and album information and unload those to a different output, which will help users to filter these special discs from the batch and process them at the later time. Additionally, by having the “Replace existing songsâ€? checked, iTunes will replace old files with new music files that are identical, ensuring that there is no duplicated information in their digital music archive. The three extra features are only applicable to iTunes ripping engine. To start converting music from CDs to digital audio files, first choose the desired ripping engine, the preferred ripping selection, load the autoloader with audio CDs and click on “Rippingâ€?. The QQripper will continuously rip all CDs in the autoloader. If the host PC is connected to the internet, iTunes and Windows Media Player can automatically search for track and album information of the ripped music file. The ripped digital audio files are stored in the HDD and allow users to either play music on the computer or import to iPod or any other MP3 player.  With the QQripper V1.2.0.1 as an added feature, ripping, loading and unloading discs one by one is no longer a hassle. Extensive music collections can be ripped overnight, saving labor and time. Now everyone can instantly and effortlessly create a digital music archive.  Nimbie NB11’s other features include LightScribe disc labeling, data duplication, back up, data reading and now audio ripping. With an MSRP of $595, Nimbie NB11 is the most budget friendly automated solution.  About Acronova Technology, Inc:Acronova Technology is a manufacturing leader serving the CD/DVD duplication equipment industry since 2002. Acronova vows to offer user friendly, affordable and reliable disc auto loading solutions that transcend innovation and creativity. About Broadex Systems, Inc:Broadex Systems is a software development company, specializing mainly in digital media’s creation, design, duplication, and publishing. Broadex offers complete automation solution for a variety of optical disc applications.  Additional company and product information can be found on the company website at