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Adelman admits AC Milan drop than expected, said the objective of the time of year of uncertainty Rossoneri

Serie A on the league, as the national team for two main qualifying matches of the World Cup tournament when, the pause time. However, it is actually below the "ultimatum" AC Milan coach Allegri, there isn't any the time to relax. On one hand, the team felt the urgent need to have improvement, on the contrary could be the ultimate test with the upcoming opponent outstanding performance this holiday season, Lazio. Sunday, Allegri called "Milan Channel," in an interview how the team should brought on by regain the sense of scoring and efforts to look after good condition.

After that, after losing the derby Milan, Allegri facing an emergency of training, the group has additionally suffered from the invasion of fever, in the interview, he was quoted saying his condition has improved, "I've been better, while others cold and cough, but no fever. players have reached the Milanello training very difficult, together with the effect is usually fantastic. now we have to wait to build back national team, they're going to be placed on the potency of the teams inside the league and Champions League is an excellent need. "

The group encountered difficulties most of us have seen, "Allegri continued by saying," say very much these days and could not save the day, it is usually our ultimate goal which the team will return to the reasonable position on the table, but we are no specific objective, the 1st, second or third, merely over weight . saying this team at this moment while in the league 11, failed to think anyone with the pre season. few games now included to a lot of our own mistakes and damage whatever reason, have to boost the defensive positioning of one's defensive players in your state without having the ball, but also, in addition we reduce capacity mark all other, together with the opportunities created in the game play, we reached our destination, inadequately. "

Although team throughout circumstances are loads of cash satisfactory, however, some of this actors with the interview team remains united supports the work Allegri Adelman grateful, he explained:? "The players say they support the look, I'm that our whole season to put together, start taking July 9 this present year, the latest team, we all know which he was facing great difficulties, despite evidence we still have not problems we expected it feels right not satisfactory, nevertheless the young players, there's no need to blindly follow unpopular issues with the c's, not boys have to be a lot of down to the purchase itself, and we needs to look to future, we have, it is easy to become stronger, where players must unite and play football per each team that will my players are high professional players, we intend to rise again. Obviously, this is a process can't, following day or possibly in bingo are going to back the group really should be quite a while amongst players to gain points from the momentum may be maintained instead, what we want. Speaking of which, I'm certainly disappointed while using the derby defeat, because presence of the top of the AC Milan players have achieved victory, and we all shouldn't be a loser, but unfortunately outcomes are but not on our side. "